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Adult Classes in Brampton

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we provide swim lessons to children and adults in brampton. we are located in brampton. Swimtrack swim school has been providing swim lessons to hundreds of children and adults from brampton and mississauga comunities. If you are looking for swim  classes, call us and find out the schedule and pricing.




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Frequently Asked Questions about Swimming

Q:What are the most popular Swimming Strokes out there?

Answer: The most common Swimming strokes we see at the pools are Frontcrawl, Breastroke and Backstroke.



Q: I am 45 year old and Love to start swimming but I have fear of water. How can i start?


Answer: Age is just a Number! We have helped  Hundreds of adults try out swim classes in Mississauga and Brampton Communities. At Swimtrack.ca you will be able to pick the swim classes you are looking for. Although we do not provide classes ourselves, we help you connect with the  best swim schools in Mississauga  or connect you with amazing swim Instructors near you.



Q: How long does it take to learn to swim?


Answer: That's a good question! There are lots of factors that determine how fast you can learn.


1) Type of lessons : Private or Group


2) Level of fear


3) Do you have access to the pool outside of the swim lessons?


4) Overall Cardio and Physiological fitness level


5) Previous experience in the water

However, It depends on person by person. Swimming is a completely personal experience just like learning Math.


If you like to discuss this in detail, Feel free to message us so you can connect with one of the Swim Instructors in Mississauga or Brampton.

Swimming is Basically Floatatoin + Movement